10 Advantages Of Choosing An Independent House

The Indian real estate industry is witnessing increased foreign investments, thus giving residential investors as well as end users multiple options to choose their dream home. Some of the prominent foreign investors that are planning to invest in India include global fund houses like Blackstone, Xander Group and Stan-Chart RE. Also, United States based Brahma Management plans to invest close to 3 thousand crore rupees in the country.

Backed by huge foreign funding, the property developers in the country are not shying away from constructing mega townships that include apartments ranging from 1 BHK to 5 BHK, independent houses and luxury villas. Housing.com, which is India’s leading online real estate portal has seen a good surge in the number of people searching for independent house for sale in miyapur along with increased demand for 1 bhk resale flat rosalie Kalyan west. This only confirms the fact that there is good demand in all segments of residential housing. Here are the 10 advantages of choosing an independent house –

  1. Opting for an independent house gives you more privacy.
  1. Provides great amount of freedom as you do not have to share your common space such as corridor, entrance lobby, etc. with your neighbors.
  1. There will be no issues with regards to parking space as independent house provides you a dedicated parking, unlike apartment wherein most times parking is not reserved. This is not all; with space permitting, you can park multiple vehicles.
  1. These homes carry greater degree of attachment as you know that you are not sharing the piece of land in which your house is constructed with anyone else, unlike flats in residential buildings or towers. Even though costs are a little on the higher side, it is worth every penny and provides a sense of fulfillment.
  1. You can do the interior modifications as per your wish. You do not have to rush to your society meetings for every single alteration; so far it does not bother your neighbors.


  1. Allows you to restyle, remodel, redesign and restructure any part of your exterior at any given time without you having to compromise on your preferences.
  1. You can construct additional floors in case your space requirement increases or you are looking to make an additional income through rents. However, in doing so you must be extremely careful to take all permissions from the local municipal authority. You must also take requisite permissions for electricity as well as water supply, so as to ensure that you do not face issues in future. In case, you are not well verse with the laws related to home extensions, you can take guidance from property experts of branded online real estate portal like Housing.com.
  1. Gives you scope to experiment. You can have your own garden by planting flower plants and trees to make your house look more exotic. This will also help to keep the home environment fresh and healthy by purifying the surrounding air.
  1. Allows you to raise pets which can sometimes be challenging in co-operative societies which can raise objections.

10. Offers great returns on investment. Selling an independent house fetches more money that apartments in residential buildings. These are in high demand amongst the higher middle class and the rich segment of the society.